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Hi There!  Thanks for spending some time on my blog!  Below is an archive of my posts on gardening and the like.  Hope you find what you are looking for – if not, feel free to send me a comment about what other topics you would be interested in reading about here.

General Gardening

  1. A lot of Garden in a little space
  2. Variety is the spice of life – even in the garden
  3. Lady Bugs in the Garden
  4. Growing Sunflowers In Your Garden Is A Bright Idea

Garden Building and Maintenance

  1. How I Built My Backyard In-Ground Garden

Pest Control

  1.  Lady Bugs in the Garden
  2. Setting a trap for Garden Pests – Namely Aphids and Whiteflies

When to plant

  1. It’s time to plant for Fall!

Vertical Supports

  1. Strawberry Towers
  2. Potato Towers
  3. Cantaloupe Trellis

How to Grow

  1. Growing Sweet Potatoes in a Small Garden
  2. Growing Sunflowers In Your Garden Is A Bright Idea

One thought on “My Archives

  1. Laura,
    I caught up on your blog and love it! Such great ideas and you explain the processes so well. The pictures make it easy to follow and I feel like this might be doable when I get a yard again. For those of us in apartments though, could you offer some tips on container gardening? I would love to start growing beans for my crockpot but I have no idea where to start. I have one basil plant still alive and that’s it as far a food goes. Can you suggest veggies that do well in containers and methods on containers plus trellises in a small area? Say, a balcony?
    Again love the blog. So glad you have done this and thank you for making your knowledge available to others.


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